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2 piece (80¾”W x 23¼”D x 61″H)
TV opening 45″W x 21″D x 34″H

Shown With
Wood: Oak
Stain: OCS-102
Knob: K-107-AEM

Standard Features:
Top Unit
• Arched Glass Doors with Grids (Flat Glass)
• Raised Panel Bifold Pocket Doors
• Vent Holes in Back
• 2 Can Lights with Touch Switch (337 & 338 only)
• Crown Molding
• Knife Hinges

Bottom Unit
• Raised Panel Doors
• Glass Doors (Flat Glass)
• Four Hidden DVD/CD Drawers with Dividers
• Adjustable Shelf
• Vent Holes in Back
• Base Board
• Knife Hinges

Item Code: 335


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