Furniture Care


  • Polish wood furniture at least twice a year. We recommend either “All in 1” or Guardsman Polish. Most spray polishes contain silicone which can damage the finish after repeated use. Therefore, regardless of what kind of polish you use, make sure it does not contain silicone. Do not use any polish in an aerosol can.
  • Remove fingerprints, food spills, etc. from wood surfaces with a mild soap, water and a clean, soft cloth. Wipe dry immediately.
  • Always use a soft, cotton cloth when dusting or cleaning.
  • Any object made of plastic or rubber composition should never be placed on wood furniture (example: plastic doilies, statues, notebooks, cosmetic bottles, etc.). They will react with the finish and eventually raise it. Use coasters with felt bottoms. Place felt pads underneath lamps and alarm clocks.
    Avoid putting furniture in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid excessive heat by not placing wood furniture too close to radiators or fireplaces.
    Avoid putting wood furniture near a humidifier. Excessive moisture causes joints to swell and can cause warping.
  • Use a table pad on your dining room table.
  • Do not put hot items from the stove directly on your wood tables.


  • Loose cushions should be reversed frequently to ensure longer wear and add a fresh look.
  • Keep furniture away from direct sunlight as it will cause fading of upholstered fabrics (wood furniture also). The use of curtains or shades will decrease sunlight damage.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture once a week.
  • Vinyl should be washed with a mild soap and warm water and then wiped with a damp cloth and clear water weekly. Body oils will cause it to crack.
  • Never remove covers from cushions. The zipper in the covering of the cushion is there for tailoring purpose only.
  • In general, the manufacturers of upholstery do not guarantee their products for wearing quality or color fastness.
  • An occasional dusting and removal of soiled spots by simple mild soap and water takes care of all leather housekeeping problems. Leather should not be exposed to excessive heat. Never use a hair dryer on leather, simply let it air dry.
  • To clean upholstery, know the fabric content and use the cleaning code below:
  • W – Clean with water-based cleaner such as Woolite Spray Foam
    S – Clean with a pure solvent such as Renuzit or Carbona
    WS – Clean with either of the above methods


  • Avoid standing mattress on end or bending it.
  • Open sleep sofas occasionally to air mattress.
  • Flip and rotate your mattress monthly.

** Keep in mind that these are general rules of thumb. Some manufacturers may differ in what they recommend for furniture care. Please refer to the maintenance instructions that came with your furniture or contact the company directly for specific questions.