Verano Dining Table



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Dimensions: 60″W x 42″D x 30″H

Shown With:
Wood: Clear Walnut
Base: Natural Brushed Stainless Steel

1 5⁄8″ table edge thickness

Item Code: 2081-0001DT-60

This design is also available in the following sizes:
2081-0001DT-60: 42″x60″, Solid Top, Seats 6
2081-0003DT-66: 42″x66″, Solid Top, Seats 6
2081-0005DT-72: 42″x72″, Solid Top, Seats 6
2081-0007DT-78: 42″x78″, Solid Top, Seats 8
2081-0009DT-84: 42″x84″, Solid Top, Seats 8
2081-0011DT-96: 42″x96″, Solid Top, Seats 10


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